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Protocol Division

Functions and Responsibilites

Diplomatic Corps Services

There is a substantial number of foreign representatives and accompanying family members in The Gambia in various bilateral and multilateral postings which comprise the foreign diplomatic community in the country. The Government of The Gambia, through the Diplomatic Services Unit of the Office of the Director of Protocol and Conference Services, offers among others, the following services and programs to members of the diplomatic community:

1.    Agrément and Ceremonial Programmes for Foreign Heads of Mission:

The Diplomatic Services Unit oversees the approval process of foreign heads of mission  prior to their entry into The Gambia and facilitates a number of courtesies and special functions relating to their assignment in The Gambia.

In addition, the Unit coordinates the process of approval of foreign military and defence attaches prior to their entry into The Gambia, and of honorary consular officers.

2.    Accreditation:

The Unit also manages the accreditation services aimed at producing and issuing a variety of documents to eligible foreign representatives and family members to facilitate their presence in The Gambia.

3.    Privileges and Immunities:

We are responsible for managing a number of programs and services relating to the privileges and immunities that are granted to various members of the diplomatic community under the rules of international law and reciprocal arrangements or agreements.  Some services, such as importation, tax exemptions, licensing and employment privileges are coordinated with other Gambia Government agencies.

4.    Security Management:

The Unit also works very closely with the Ministry of the Interior in its role of discharging The Gambia’s obligations with respect to the security and protection of eligible foreign representatives and their family members in The Gambia.

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