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Standard Gambian Passport:
Who qualifies?
All Gambians by birth, naturalization and registration.
This is the most commonly used travel document. Application forms cost D10 from the Department of Immigration in Banjul.

Requirements for Obtaining a Standard Gambian Passport:

Guarantor's form duly signed by a commissioner of oaths plus


Photocopy of; (a) Data page of guarantor's passport and


(i) Photocopy of National identity card
(ii) Drivers License


Father's Letter of content for minors under 16yrs (Mother's letter of consent in case of deceased father)


Marriage Certificate where applicable


Husband's consent letter


Court affidavit and police report in case of lost passport.


Birth Certificate or Age declaration.


Letter of identification from Local Government of origin or residence.


One(1) passport photograph.


Acknowledgement slip and receipt of payment.

Explanatory Notes:
No Gambian is allowed to hold multiple standard passports.

A Standard passport has a life span of 10 years with an initial validity of five (5) years.

May 2007
Passengers travelling with Brussels Airlines to the EU countries, Switzerland, Canada or the US no longer need transit visas for Brussels Airport.

Always check with the appropriate authorities and embassies before making any travel decisions or making any applications for any document whatsoever.

Pilgrims Passport
(Colour varies from year to year for security reasons)

Who qualifies?

Gambians intending to go on Pilgrimage to the Holy lands.

It is valid for six months only.

 Official Passport
(1) (a) Letter of introduction from applicant’s Ministry, Parastatal or Extra – Ministerial Department duly signed by an officer not below the rank of a Director

(b) Secretary to state Government in case of an employee of state government

(2) Police report and court affidavit in case of lost passport

(3) One (1) passport photograph.

(4) Acknowledgment slip and receipt of payment.

 Diplomatic Passports
(1) (a) Letter of introduction from applicant’s Ministry, Parastatal or Extra – Ministerial department

(2) (1) Passport photograph.


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