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Banjul - Following the announcement on 5th June, 2017 that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member States plus Yemen, Egypt etc, had severed diplomatic ties with Qatar. The Government and people of The Gambia and the Muslim Ummah were, to say the least, taken aback by the implication and no doubt worrisome nature of the situation and attendant regrettable consequences should restraint not prevail.

For, at a time when the Middle East and the Gulf region are mired in interminable conflict, in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Iran, Bahrain,countries in which hydra-headed Terrorism continuously to inflict a tale of untold misery,death and destruction on the people of the area, the Government of The Gambia wishes to call on all sides to the conflict to show restraint and to privilege dialogue and a negotiating settlement so as to end a crisis whose elongation can only have far reaching dire consequences for an entire region, more so as it came as a tsunami at the very advent of the holy month Ramadan - a month of peace, sacrifice, reflection and especially forgiveness in Islam.

And, at a time when our noble religion is being trampled upon, with scorn and disdain in some quarters, the Ummah must be seen to be resolutely closing ranks in defense of their brothers of the region who ask for nothing more than to be able to be allowed to continue to live in peace, harmony and cooperation in Islamic brotherliness.

The Republic of The Gambia therefore calls on the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the UN,the OIC, the Arab League and all men and women of goodwill to conjugate efforts to bring about a speedy resolution to the impasse between Qatar and her neighbours so that normalcy could once rein once again in the region.

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