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Gambians Abroad

  1. Gambians-Abroad Promote and Safeguard The Gambia’s Cultural and Natural Heritage: The Foreign Service, within the limits of its competency, will apply efforts to create favourable conditions for preserving The Gambia’s cultural heritage. Special attention should be paid to ensuring special protection of the sites in the World Heritage and to exploring opportunities for inclusion of other sites. The Ministry and our missions abroad will ensure that Gambian culture and history are better known to the world’s public audiences.
  2. Utilize the potential of Gambians abroad: It is a task of our Foreign Service to mobilize and organize the Gambians in the diaspora to support the goals of The Gambia’s development agenda, including active outreach in attracting foreign investment to the country.
  3. Gambian Citizens Abroad: The provision of care and protection to Gambian citizens abroad is among the principal and most important responsibilities of the Foreign Service. This mission is carried out at our various Embassies and Consulates in many countries. Our commitment is to help Gambians travel, do business, and study all over the world. Defending the rights and freedoms of Gambian citizens is also one of our principal obligations, even if they reside abroad illegally.

The Ministry will enhance the efficiency of its diplomatic missions and consular services and establish new representations in accordance with foreign policy priorities and the needs of Gambian citizens.

A special division will be established in the Ministry, responsible for providing Gambian citizens, through its diplomatic missions, with necessary information and appropriate consultations as may be required. The Division will also ensure that Gambian citizens, as far as possible, are provided with timely and appropriate assistance in such cases as natural disaster, crimes, arrest, imprisonment, illness, death, disappearance, passport loss, repatriation etc. The consular registration system will be improved to facilitate contact with Gambian citizens in distress and render them the requisite assistance. In order to facilitate visa issuance procedures for Gambian citizens, we will conclude appropriate visa treaties and agreements with the friendly states.

The Ministry will enhance its work with foreign countries to create a proper legal basis for Gambian labour migrants, providing for their legal employment. 

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