March 12, 2018

Vision, Mission, Values

 Mission Statement

The Gambia’s Foreign Policy priorities are based on the values and objectives stipulated in the country’s Vision 2020 Development blueprint and other development strategy documents. Under the Vision 2020, The Gambia’s Foreign Policy seeks to adopt a more pro-active stance with the aim of mobilizing greater international support for the country’s development. Given the fact that the implementation and achievement of our development objectives as a state depends as well on the active participation of stakeholders in collaboration with development partners, and the harnessing and mobilization of domestic and external financial resources, the role of the Ministry is quite essential bearing in mind that it is the primary point of contact with development partners. Therefore in this respect, the Ministry has facilitation, coordination and follow-up roles in the implementation of our national priorities for the ultimate realization of our national objectives. This interrelation allows us to ensure international support in accomplishing our objectives.

Besides the aforementioned tasks, the Gambia Foreign Service, i.e. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Diplomatic Missions and Consular Services, serve the country’s strategic and fundamental national interests and values articulated in the country’s Vision 2020 Development blue print as well as in H. E. The President of the Republic’s vision that drives the overall goal of our foreign policy which is to enhance the security and international status of The Gambia, ensure the country’s appropriate and dignified position in the system of international relations, and promote the interests of the country in an increasingly globalized world.

In today’s interdependent world, national security and prosperity cannot be achieved in isolation from the rest of the world. For us to achieve enduring security, we need to support global security initiatives. Our independence and freedom depend on respect of the sovereignty of other states of the world. The well-being and economic prosperity of other states and regions will influence the welfare of Gambian citizens. In addition, the consolidation of democracy in The Gambia can only be achieved through the citizens civic participation at the domestic level and the strengthening of democratic institutions on a global scale.

Thus, we will always endeavour to pursue a foreign policy that is conscious of these principles and faithful to these beliefs. To reach this vision, The Gambian Foreign Policy in this 21st century will strive to bring about international actions that advance the national interests of The Gambia and her citizens, as well as to make a contribution to building a world community in which there is enduring peace and security, an expanding democracy and lasting prosperity.