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Press release

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Gambians Abroad of the Republic of The Gambia is pleased to inform the general public that the Commonwealth Heads of Government have unanimously accepted The Gambia’s application to return to the Commonwealth, effective 8th February 2018.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminds the public that the application to re-join the Commonwealth was submitted to the Commonwealth Secretariat following a unanimous endorsement by the National Assembly of The Gambia.

The public may be aware that,The Gambia became a member of the Commonwealth following the attainment of Independence in 1965 and was an active member of the organisation until 2013, when the former President took a unilateral decision to withdraw The Gambia's membership from the Commonwealth. Regrettably, this neglected The Gambia’s strategic interest in key areas such as health and education etc.  Furthermore, it diminished The Gambia’s voice on pertinent issues at the global platform such as climate change, economic development and south-south cooperation which are vital to the development of our nation. 

The Government of The Gambia recognises the role of the Commonwealth as an intergovernmental champion of small states, advocating for their special needs. It provides policy advice on political, economic and social developmental issues.

Therefore, The Gambia is ready to regain its former glory on the international stage and reiterates its commitment to the fundamental values of the Commonwealth Charter.  It is the fervent desire of this Government that our membership to the Commonwealth will usher in an era of socio-economic development to compliment the Government’s ongoing efforts, especially for women and youth.

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