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Gambian Diplomats Ready to Remake Gambia’s Dented Image Abroad

The sixteen Gambian Ambassadors and other representatives representing The Gambia abroad Monday pledged their resolve to work towards rebranding the country’s dented image in the comity of nations during a courtesy call on the Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Gambians Abroad, Hon. Ousainou Darboe, at the Kairaba Beach Hotel.

The meeting availed the Ambassadors and other representatives the opportunity to meet and hear from the Foreign Minister on the new Government’s intention in rebranding country’s image globally.

Hon. Darboe called on the diplomats to support the cause for development to enable Gambians enjoy new a atmosphere of peace, stability, development and connection with the outside world.

He said on 1st December 2016, Gambians decided that the system of the former Government is no longer tenable, and thus decided to bring it to an end. On the 18th February, the Minister went on, is the Independence Day of The Gambia and belongs to all Gambians without exemption.

He paid glowing tribute to the Founding Fathers of The Gambia, whom he said worked meticulously with courage to build the country’s foundation by proving sceptics wrong. The sceptics at the time had no hope about the survival of The Gambia as a nation, he noted. 

Minister Darboe hailed the decision taken by the 11 Ambassadors to resign from the former Government when they noticed that the will of Gambians were being subverted. He said the Government has changed, noting that the reinstatement of the Ambassadors is in pursuit of the new Government’s policies.

“We cannot remove any public officer because we disagree with his or her political views. If it should happen then due process must be followed,” Hon Darboe stated.

Speaking at the meeting, the Dean of the Diplomats Corp and Gambia’s Ambassador to China, His Excellency Dembo Badjie, said they would utilise the attention The Gambia is getting across the globe to remake its image which will build confidence in development partners for investment and financial aid for development.

“On behalf of my colleagues, I would like to take this opportunity to express our profound congratulations to President Adama Barrow and his team and to assure him that we shall remain resolutely committed to supporting the Government to achieve what is desired for The Gambian nation and the Gambian people. We shall never waive from that. I took the opportunity to thank the Government of President Barrow for reinstating all the Ambassadors that were relieved from their duties to their positions.

“None of us thought of reinstatement when we were terminated by the anger of the former regime. We did what we did because we felt that if the image of The Gambia is being tarnish around world for the change of heart of the former President, we are morally and professionally obliged to speak out because we serve the supreme interest of The Gambia, not an individual. So in such crisis situation, The Gambia comes first,” Excellency Badjie added.

Ecowas team in town for a fact-finding mission in a bid to ensure continuation of the democracy the country is enjoying; improving the democratic credential of The Gambia starting from the parliamentary election.

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