The Diaspora Affairs Division

The Diaspora Division of the Ministry is the Department responsible for and keeping in contact with Gambians abroad for various reasons but principally for socio-economic advancement of the Gambia as laid down by the National Development Plan (NDP). The Directorate looks into the welfare of the Diaspora in times of crisis while trying to harness the demographic dividend and potential of the Diaspora towards National Development. The Division embarks on these initiatives in partnership with Government Stakeholders and Non-State actors alike to encourage Diaspora participation towards Nation building through:

  • Investments/Bonds
  • Contribution in Kind (Sovereign Trust Fund)
  • Remittances rate reduction
  • Diaspora Bank
  • Employment etc.

In light of the above, The Division has appointed all First Secretaries and or Counselors of our missions abroad as focal points for Diaspora to facilitate the Divisions undertakings for the Ministry and by extension the Nation. The Division equally oversees the intricacies of Migration in collaboration with Non-State actors and National Stakeholders under the purview of the National Coordination Mechanism (NCM) at the Office of The Vice President to stem illegal migration while facilitating return and effective reintegration of returning migrants. It also acts as the main link with our partners abroad and NGOs on the ground for effective implementation of earmarked projects beneficial to returning migrants. The Division equally partakes in the National Taskforce for Migration in prevention of irregular migration while encouraging formal migration to enhance developmental initiatives of the Nation.
Additionally, the Division is responsible for and will undertake outreach programs to all regions of the globe where Gambians are and have made impact, to encourage and to partake in National Development initiatives for impactful outcomes beneficial to all both home and abroad. Equally, it is the responsibility of the Division to organise Home Coming programs such as roots festival to name a few, as means of entrenching the link between Diaspora and their homeland while encouraging Cultural Tourism and thereby galvanising the economy. The Division will partake in resource mobilisation from the Diaspora in collaboration with state and non-state actors to establish social projects on the ground for useful employment, skills development and entrepreneurial prowess.