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Minister Neneh Macdouall-Gaye Attends Asian-African Summit

Minister Neneh Macdouall Gaye led a high level delegation, at the celebrations marking the 60th Anniversary of the Asia-Africa Summit and the 10th Anniversary of the new Asian-African Strategic Partnership in Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia from 19-24 April 2015.

Addressing the Summit, Minister Macdouall-Gaye conveyed the greetings of the Gambian Head of State. She saluted the founding fathers of the Bandung Conference for their vision which resulted in the transformation of Asian and African partnership and development. She opined that collaboration between African and Asian nations has the potential to benefit our people. With increasing globalization, the Minister called for increase cooperation to capitalize on the opportunities available to achieve fairer global trade regimes, poverty eradication and mitigating climate change and desertification.

Addressing the Ministerial meeting earlier, Minister Macdouall-Gaye called for concrete actions and strategies to promote economic growth, job creation, improved health care and technological advancement. Minister Macdouall-Gaye also called for concerted actions to combat illegal migration to Europe.

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